The Glenfiddich distillery is perhaps the most well known Scottish whisky distillery. It markets itself well, and the Glenfiddich 12 year old is among the most popular single malts in the world. Popularity in any field draws criticism, and Glenfiddich as a whole is viewed as being too successful to make good whisky. These criticisms are generally unfair. Glenfiddich make very good whiskies, and while they may not be the best out there for experienced whisky drinkers, their whiskies will please the palates of most beginner whisky drinkers.

The reality is that William Grant & Sons were pioneering with how they went about their business. In the 1960s, they grew concerned that they were relying too heavily on grain whiskies from the company’s rivals to make their blended whiskies. So they built their own grain distillery. They also built the first visitor’s center to help progress the Glenfiddich brand.

If you don’t enjoy the 12 year old too much, I urge you to try the 15 year old at least. Their more aged whiskies are worthy of attention.

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