Whiskey Accessories

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Whiskey accessories are devices that improve the experience of drinking whiskey. There are a number of different whiskey accessories that can be added to a home bar or a whiskey enthusiasts collection. The primary categories are whiskey glassware, ice buckets and whiskey stones.

All whiskey accessories are totally optional, but many whiskey drinkers like to have a whiskey drinking set. They look especially great when guests come around, but a full set of accessories set out on a tray can also serve as a ‘go-to’ point for whenever you want a drink, so that there’s no need to go from liquor cupboard to glass cupboard to freezer and back to couch each time you want a drink.

Whiskey Accessories: Glassware

You can drink whiskey out of a plastic cup if you want. But to get the full experience, its best to consume from a glass. There are many different types of whiskey glasses, but the two most popular are old-fashioned glasses and rocks glasses.

In addition to glasses, there are decanters. They hold whiskey, but otherwise don’t serve much of a purpose other than looking amazing. Historically, people would take a jug down to the grocer to have filled with whiskey, and this is what the decanter has evolved from.

Whiskey Accessories: Ice Buckets

Ice buckets are another historical throwback to the days where freezers didn’t exist. They simply hold ice so that the drinker does not need to traipse to the ice tray in the freezer every time he wants to fill his glass.

Whiskey Accessories: Whiskey Stones

Finally, there are whiskey stones. These little-understood devices are placed in the freezer and popped in the drink to keep it cool. Why these stones and not ice? Some people feel that the dilution of the whiskey as the ice melts gives it a lesser taste, so these stones are a clever way to keep the liquid cool without diluting it.

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