Ardbeg Blasda Review

Review and price information for the Ardbeg Blasda.

The Ardbeg Blasda is not your typical Ardbeg whisky. Normally when I pick up an Ardbeg, my hands shake in anticipation and the slightest bit of fear about what’s to come. The Blasda, though, is a de-peated whisky, if that’s even a term. Ardbeg’s whiskies are usually a combination of sweetness and peat, which come together to complement each other in a perfect balance.

The peat is about a third of what you’d get in most other Ardbeg whiskies, which gives way to the fruity sweetness. The fruity flavors of Ardbeg were always interesting, but could only ever be a background element due to the prevalence of peat. It seems that the distiller’s have wanted to go out on a whim and show off the other characteristics of their whisky. It is a smooth and sweet whisky, whi

The nose reveals lemon, wood, toffee and a little whiff of smoke.

To taste, the lemon remains and the sugary notes form in to a big, creamy and sweet experience. ┬áThere’s a little hint of peppermint before resolving in to a moderate spice.

The finish is medium in length, with flavors of lemon, vanilla and spice. It’s a bit same-old same-old throughout the entire experience, really, which is what disappoints me about the whisky. I think if you were to blindfold a few people and ask them to rate sweet, creamy whiskies such as this one, the ones that come out on top are the ones that manage to have a bit of variation and a bit of character. There’s no doubt that the Ardbeg Blasda is a particularly nice whisky, but it doesn’t do enough for me.

To appreciate the Ardbeg Blasda at all, you really need to go in not expecting an Ardbeg. If you can manage to do this, you’ll appreciate a whisky with a beautiful full body and delicious creaminess. A little boring for me, but some will surely appreciate this.

ardbeg blasda review

Ardbeg Blasda Information

  • Type: Single malt Scotch whisky
  • Region: Islay
  • ABV: 40%
  • Price guide: 55 British pounds, 70 US dollars

Ardbeg Blasda Score- 7/10

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