Aberlour A’bundadh

Review of and information about the Aberlour A'Bundadh whisky.

The Aberlour A’bundadh is a legend amongst malt whiskies.

This whisky is created by combining a number of different whiskies that have been aged in Spanish Oloroso Sherry Butts.¬†It is cask strength, meaning that it comes quite literally from the cask without dilution. Some drinkers will find the whisky more enjoyable if they dilute it with a small amount of water. It is also a combination of whiskies of different ages, and therefore frequently doesn’t come with an age label. Word has it that the whisky might be a combination of

The nose of the Aberlour A’bundadh is perhaps one of the most enjoyable noses of any whisky in the world. Strong on berry with moderate spice and hints of orange and nuttiness, it is a flavor worth savoring. It’s very difficult to adequately describe all the elements when nosing this whisky as there is just so much going on.

The body of the A’bundadh is extremely full and creamy, almost oily. Diluting the whisky slightly will thin it out somewhat, but it’s worth trying it at full strength just to experience the fullness of the body.

Like many of Aberlour’s whiskies, the A’bundadh has definite sherry flavorings. Typically, Aberlour age their whiskies in both sherry and bourbon barrels, but the A’bundadh is aged exclusively in sherry barrels. As a result, the whisky is often described as tasting like Christmas pudding. It’s very sweet, and therefore not a drink that many people would enjoy drinking in a session. However, as an appertif following dessert, it is perfect.

The Aberlour A’bundadh is highly recommended for anyone wanting to sample their first cask strength whisky. It is also recommended for people who enjoy rich liqueurs but have reservations about whisky. The fruitiness of this whisky will appeal to many people who do not normally drink liquor.

Aberlour A'Bunadh Review

¬†Aberlour A’Bundadh Information

  • Style: Cask strength, combination of many different aged malts.
  • Area: Scottish Highlands
  • ABV: Each batch is slightly different but strength hovers around the 60% mark.

Aberlour A’Bundadh Score: 9.5/10

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